Monday, March 1, 2010

Hockey Overtime Rules

Hockey Overtime Rules

Hockey Overtime Rules : Sidney Crosby scored a goal in extra time for Canadians who avenged a loss to the United States in the preliminary rounds to win the final 3-2, triggering wild celebrations across the country in the latter case before the closing ceremony.
Canada have already been completed to ascertain the overall lead of the medals for the first time in either winter or summer Olympic games, but hit the United States is the perfect end to hockey-crazy host country.
Win set a new record of one gold medal won in the Winter Olympic Games, surpassing the previous record of 13 held jointly with the Soviet Union (Innsbruck, 1976) and Norway (Salt Lake City, 2002).
The United States also set a record for most total medals in one Winter Olympics, with the completion of 37 years, and one more than Germany in 2002.
Petter Northug won earlier in the men’s 50km race cross country ski in Whistler after the completion of the closest ever to the lung and the explosion occurred.
Northug sneaked past in Germany Axel Teichmann right at the finish line to win the gold medal by 0.3 seconds with Swedish Johan Olsson, taking the bronze medal.
Permanent memory
Drama on the last day provided an incredible lasting memory for the Games, which began in tragic circumstances with the death of Georgian and drag Nodar Kumaritashvili.
“Vancouver has a special adoption, something never seen on this scale again,” said International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, who presented the medals to the Canadian hockey teams and American people.
Canada appeared to be the final match under control when he opened a 2-0 lead during the middle of the second period of the objectives of the attackers and Jonathan Toews Corey Perry.
The United States pulled a goal back through Ryan Kessler in the second period, equivalent to tens of Zach Parise, where they found the net 24 seconds from the end of the list.
But both teams with the launch waves of attacks in stoppage time, Crosby suddenly found himself in space and calmly slapped the puck past Ryan Miller to decide the gold medal.
“I felt like I was in access to opportunities, Eiji (Jarome Iginla) the chances of getting to the end of the day, he will not go in,” Crosby said in a television interview.
“I waited for a possible past, so it was nice to see where they go.”
The country erupted
Also broke out in the country in the celebration, and Canada coach Mike Babcock summed up the mood of the nation.
“To win this battle in overtime to win in Canada, (a dream) becomes a reality,” he said.
Game has captured the imagination of the entire North America with U.S. President Barack Obama and President Stephen Harper of Canada to bet on the case of beer on the outcome.
Downtown Vancouver has turned into a sea of red leaves and white maple as thousands of people flocked to the central business district in preparation for the most eagerly awaited match of the Games.
Each restaurant and bar was packed to overflowing after the sponsors of the waiting list for more than four hours to get the best seats, while local television broadcast pictures of American and Canadian forces in Afghanistan watching the game.
“It’s our game, and we invented and we’re going to win the gold medal,” said Gordy Ford, a fan of Ontario.
Canada and the story ending to the Games was in stark contrast with the dark mood just a week ago when they were burdened with four gold medals and the public were demanding an investigation into their failure to earn more.
But the Canadians won 10 gold medals in the last seven days of the competition, bringing the past their rivals and play games and wonders of the winter.
“Canadian athletes came to these games and not with arrogance, but with the confidence that can do what it sets out to do,” said Michael Chambers, President of the Canadian Olympic Committee.
“I truly believe that what they have done over these past two weeks has inspired the entire nation to believe in ourselves.”


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