Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gena Rowlands

This is one of the films of Woody Allen’s greatest, and destructive return of topics from Ingmar Bergman and wild strawberry.

This scene shows the lead character, played by Gena Rowlands, with her getting hit by their own brother own. What is important is that what you say is absolutely true, but the way in which she, in the context of what, is what matters.

Within the revelation, and dispose of Rowlands, is superb. Anyone with the misfortune to see academic programs, fully aware of the Allen brilliantly nails this scene.

This movie is a lot of changes undergone by the people of life, particularly women dealing with the termination of the marriage. It displays the sorrow and the human ability to deny responsibility for their own parts in the failure.

Film in the end is realistic. There is no easy out, but the lead character got to this point where it sees that the future is not all despair, and through sincere self-recognition in the past that they can then focus on the future. Ok, what you wrote sounds soap opera, but Allen takes what could be a melodrama and puts it in the high art.

Side by side with Stardust Memories, and this film is one of the greatest 5 or 6 in the canon Allen and I recommend it to all.


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