Friday, July 16, 2010


kerligirl13 | kerligirl13 Video and Photos | Truth Behind kerligirl13 Father Webcam Video | Who is Kerligirl13 Father

Who is Kerligirl13? I don’t know who she is but she seems to be on top of the searches today. Is she an actress? A supermodel? Kerligirl13? No results online for Kerligirl13. Who is she? I will try to search for more information on this girl or whatever this is.
So you want the whole story about Kerligirl13? Check out the steamy photo below and you’ll understand. You think none of this makes any sense, like it’s all gibberish and spam, but really–and I hate to be the one to break this to you–you’re just not very literate. This just in: Kerligirl13. You heard it here first. We’ve received so many hits our server almost crashed. UPDATE: Kerligirl13. This is even crazier than that Winnebago Destruction Derby. As reported by TMZ, the photos are legitimate. Our experts have examined them for tampering and the results are negative.

Fox News was like, “Kerligirl13”, and CNN was like “Kerligirl13”. Personally, we don’t really care, but we’re covering this anyway. The whole internet is buzzing about this story and we couldn’t help but chime in with our opinion. Watch the full streaming video below.
The real question is why isn’t the mainstream media covering this story? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. We just got off the phone with our contact at the Pentagon. Folks, things are about to get really hairy. The headlines read Kerligirl13 but they don’t tell the whole story. Not the most interesting story, but it’s a slow news day and people keep asking so here goes nothing. The video got taken down, but we’re hosting it here until we get a notice from their attorneys (or run out of bandwidth). Check it out below. This is just like the time that Balki Bartokomous’ cousin visited from Mypos and stole all of Balki’s money. Then Larry beat the crap out of him with a 2×4 (okay I made that part up, but Kerligirl13? That’s pretty messed up). Everyone thinks this is it, but it is not. At least I don’t think so. Do you?


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