Friday, July 9, 2010

Octopus Paul picks Spain whereas Parakeet Mani chooses Netherlands

Paul, the Octopus has been in the news more than anyone.  Everyone is talking about Psychic Oracle Octopus Paul Allen.  Paul predictions have been one hundred percent correct and have a record now in predicting the matches in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2010.

German Psychic Octopus became a celebrity overnight with his predictions.  He has a rival at hand now, Singapore’s Mani; the Parakeet.  Like Octopus Paul, Mani too has been correct in his predictions for all the quarter-final ties and the Spain-Germany semi-final.
Psychic Oracle Octopus Paul Allen has his pick for the FIFA final – Spain whereas; the psychic parakeet has picked up Netherlands as 2010 winner.
Paul picked out a mussel from the tank with the Spanish flag, ignoring the tank that had the Dutch flag, shown live on a TV show all over Europe.  As per the psychic Octopus, Spain will be FIFA World Cup 2010 champions and regarding the place 3 and 4, Paul Allen, the Octopus has predicted that Germany will beat Uruguay to take the 3rd place.
This is how Mani, the Parakeet works:
M Muniyappan, the owner of Mani, puts two cards in front of Mani. These cards are printed with the flags of two countries. Mani turns to the card of the country which he think is going to win.
It seems FIFA final is between German Paul and Singapore’s Mani.  Lets wait and watch whose prediction gets it right.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribéry – just three of the footballing superstars whose reputations were expected to be sealed into history at the World Cup. But none of them have come out of tournament with as half as much credit as Paul the Octopus, the British-born but German-reared cephalopod who correctly predicted the fate of his adopted nation in each of their five games – beating the 80% record he boasted in Euro 2008. As has been remarked all over Twitter, if Paul had backed his predictions with bets, he would by now be squids in ...
The phenomenon of apparently psychic animals is not a new one. Many people, including the owner of a parakeet named Mani, are convinced their pets hold the powers of an oracle. Others believe their pets can understand their emotional ups and downs and use this ability to help them through hard times.
Do you think animals are smarter than we commonly suspect? Do you think your pet has a sixth sense?


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