Tuesday, October 12, 2010

miss black colorado

Miss Black Colorado has turn out to be a pretty popular parade and the young African American women have got a stage in order to show off their skills, talent and beauty to the world. With the help of Miss Black Colorado the young and talented women are able to win some precious scholarships and a big proof of it is that more than eighty percent of the hand over taking part in the event were getting professional degrees; this was the state of relationships for year two thousand and seven and its winner was a medical student and it shows that the women that are actually taking part in the event are not just taking interest in beauty but they are also quite good in studies.
The Miss Black Colorado parade has provided opportunity to the black women that are not given space in the main watercourse media. This event has got huge fame in the black community as they have always been missing such sorts of platform. Laurie Pierce is the lady that is associated with the parade these days. A lot of persons are compelled to think that there should be more opportunities provided to the people belonging to all races. African Americans have always been really good at sports and have earned several medals for the whole nation and have brought a lot of pride to the country. Officially there is no sort of racial bias but practically we often find such practices taking place in different sectors of society which is a really bad thing.


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