Friday, November 12, 2010

audie murphy

Audie murphy: I first became aware of this one back in the early 90s, I believe, when Joe Dante mention it in an interview. Thanks, Joe!

Reading up on Murphy a bit last night, I came across a 1961 interview that appear in TV Guide:

“I’m not an actor. I don’t even like actors. By that I mean I have nothing in common with them. They’re devoted souls with just one heavy goal in life, and I’m not. I don’t malign them – I just don’t spend any time with them.”

Another one (I found it in Last of the Cowboy Heroes):

“I’m here in [Hollywood] because it’s where I have something to do. But I don’t do it well.”

Also came across this, the charred remains of his driver’s license. It was on him in the plane crash in 1971.


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