Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disney Channel's newest movie Avalon high

Disney Channel's newest movie Avalon high : Playing the lead in Disney Channel's newest movie, 'Avalon High,' was like a mini vacation for Britt Robertson. Compared to her day job -- playing a foster child who reunites with her birth parents after 16 years in the system on The CW's 'Life Unexpected' -- the modern-day take on the Camelot legend was a whole lot more lighthearted, to say the least.

"['Avalon High'] was really very different," Robertson told TV Squad yesterday. "I've never done anything for Disney before. The genre in general is not something I'm typically pinned for. It's sort of like a realistic fantasy type movie -- it's a little more action-packed than I'm used to; it's a little more fun and playful. I started shooting after season 1 [of 'Life Unexpected'], so it was nice to be able to do something fun after that."

In the movie, which premieres tonight at 8PM ET on the Disney Channel, Robertson stars as a teenage girl who discovers that her new classmates at Avalon High are reincarnated versions of King Arthur and his court. She has to unravel the mystery of why, exactly, this is happening and stop Mordred, the traitor who killed Arthur (according to legend, that is), from doing it again.

Though the role required a little more prep work than usual, Robertson said she enjoyed herself. "I did a lot of research on the King Arthur era," she said. "My parents in the film are supposed to be professors on the King Arthur legend, so I thought my character should be pretty informed with all that stuff. I did a bit of reading, that's for sure."

The extra homework didn't bother her, though. "I always loved history when I was younger, but never really that era specifically. I liked the Civil War, which is really random, but I'm sort of just fascinated with the past and different eras."

The most memorable highlight of the whole experience, however, was the picturesque shooting location. "To be filming in New Zealand was incredible," she said. "It was a good experience."


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