Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wix khalifa in jail

wix khalifa in jail:Wix Khalifa is a 22 year old rapper who had gone to North Carolina for enjoying his own concert held in the East Carolina University. The people were excited to see this rapper on the stage of the University of Carolina but the sad news that has hit his life has become a full stop to his career. The recent news concerning Wix Khalifa is that he is in jail due to the charges of possessing marijuana and a large amount of weed in his bus. Thirty pounds of weed and some marijuana was found in the bus which proved that this rapper was addicted to the habit of taking drugs. The rumors state that Wix Khalifa was almost near to his bus when the police stopped him and took him in their custody for the allegations of possessing drugs in the bus.

Most of the celebrities have become the biggest drugs addicts and they are involved in possessing drugs and some of them like Lil Wayne are also caught for the possession of weapons as well. Wix Khalifa in Jail is the example of another celebrity who is aught and all the allegations on them prove right also. Wix Khalifa previously made the statement that he spends almost ten thousand dollars every month to fulfill his habit of smoking weed. The police made him their next target and Wix Khalifa in Jail has become the new news for the fans of music. Wix Khalifa in jail was arrested yesterday night by the police after he came from his concert in Carolina University.


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