Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time for Kickoff the Super Bowl

Time for Kickoff the Super Bowl XLV 2011 - Significant wing Dallas Cowboys’ suburban headquarters devoted fans Dallas Cowboys. On Thursday afternoon, a huge dance studio, the members of the most famous team to cheer the world were rehearsing one of their dozens of speeches around Super Bowl this week.

“We were never engaged in it,” said Kelly McGonagill Finglass, Cowboys Cheerleader in 1980 and director since 1991.

But Super Bowl XLV itself is an unusual accident in related worlds of football and cheerleading. In a state known for Friday Night Lights and fans to Dallas Cowboys, where Lawrence Herkimer practically invented the modern fan (and made a pompon patent), there will be fans in the biggest football game of all.

Packers and Steelers two of the six NFL teams without the professional support group teams. game on Sunday is believed to be the first time in more than 40 years that neither team fans will be on the sidelines of Super Bowl.

It will probably be first and last time that no fans will be on the sideline at a football match at the stadium Cowboys, too, if not anywhere else in Texas.

This is the place where he has often said that parents want their boys have become the defenders and their daughters to become fans. This fan-less Super Bowl is played in Texas, the home fans Dallas Cowboys, considered here as the ultimate irony.

“In Texas, if you have players on the field, and you do not have cheerleaders on the sidelines?” Denise Martin, founder of the Texas Cheerleader magazine, asked rhetorically. “Where is football in Texas, there are the fans.”

Not this time.

Both the Packers and Steelers were cheerleading squads in the past. Packers, in fact, say that they have the NFL, first, in 1931. But the franchise now believe that modern professional cheerleaders – dance squads, really – not a good fit for their team or their markets.

New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns also have professional teams fan.

They all stand in sharp contrast with the Dallas Cowboys and their famous fans, arrived on the Internet for the franchise (the team will not show numbers), thanks to sales, appearance fees and millions of clicks that bring fans to the web site team. It is almost impossible to imagine without the Cowboys fans.


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