Friday, March 4, 2011

Faith Kroll: Who is Faith Kroll

Faith Kroll: Who is Faith Kroll - Faith Kroll and fiance Jim Marcus shocked students as they performed a sexual act for an after-class demonstration.
This happened on February 21st following Professor John Bailey’s human sexuality course at Northwestern University.
Students were shown a video on the female orgasm in class but Jim Marcus and fiancĂ© Faith Kroll believed it wasn’t realistic.
So they took it upon themselves to show the real thing?!?
After warning and in an optional after-class session, 100 students showed up to watch Kroll take off her clothes and Marcus use a sex toy on her.
Is this acceptable in the name of education??? Would you want your university kids to witness this live sexual act?
After learning about the exhibition, Northwestern president Morton Schapiro released a statement that the university would be launching an investigation.

“Although the incident took place in an after-class session that students were not required to attend, and students were advised in advance, several times, of the explicit nature of the activity, I feel it represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member. I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary or in keeping with Northwestern University’s academic mission.”

Professor Bailey defended the demonstration as educational. “The students find the events to be quite valuable, typically, because engaging real people in conversation provides useful examples and extensions of concepts students learn about in traditional academic ways,” he said in a statement.


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