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The autobiography of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal can be pre-ordered reports this article in The book promises a “bold vision for renewing the GOP and our nation.”
“On Solid Ground: Returning to America’s Core Values,” to be written by Jindal and Hoover Institution research fellow Peter Schweizer, is scheduled for release on July 12 but can be pre-ordered through a variety of book outlets such as,, and

This book should highlight the accomplishments of Jindal. It might do more:
“In his new book, Jindal tells his own inspiring story and reveals his plan for putting conservatives and America back on solid ground,” the promotional capsule states. “From health care and national debt to how we can fundamentally transform Washington, Jindal tackles controversial issues and offers fresh solutions. … ‘On Solid Ground’ provides the leadership voice Republicans seek and the guidance America needs.”

Mark Ambinder of Atlantic Magazine (cited by NOLA) speculatesthat Jindal may be interested in the White House. Ambinder asserts that Jindal was a frontrunner until the imfamous speech of 2009 (I think Jindal was badly advised as to the delivery and audience; compared it with Governor Bob McDonnell’s speech this year) but he is still a respected policy voice:

Since his national political star rose, and fell, Jindal has been considered a policy whiz in the GOP, rising through Louisiana’s state government at an impressively young age. Writing a book seems to be the mark of presidential ambitions–Romney, Palin, and Mike Huckabee have all published and toured to promote books in the last year–and it will be interesting to see just how much policy is included in this book, and whether or not his publicity rollout constitutes an aggressive move back onto the national political scene.

My admiration for Jindal is based on a combination of immense accomplishments and social conservatism packaged in a diversity-friendly package. He is also an evangelical who is not shyabout his faith. I will always be conflicted about Jindal versus Paul.

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