Sunday, March 13, 2011

Accident in three mile island

Accident in three mile island - The Three Mile Island accident occurred at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979. On that day, a partial core meltdown in Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island accident released plenty of radioactive gases.
This accident caused almost 150,000 people to voluntarily leave the state of Pennsylvania. Twenty eight hours after the accident began, authorities claimed that the three mile island nuclear plant is under control.

In 1981, the people that had to evacuate won a class action suit against Three Mile Island, the final settlement was $25 million.

Although there are no direct casualties, the clean up process took eleven years and cost the U.S $1 billion. The health effect of the radiation also caused several cancer cases to those who lived in the 10 mile radius.

The latest 8.8 Japan earthquake and tsunami have caused an explosion to the Daiichi nuclear power plant (story here) which makes people to relate to this U.S nuclear accident and the Chernobil.


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